No Pain, No Gain?

Where did that “no pain, no gain” saying come from? I know that it is sort of trite, but I often think of it when a run gets tough.

I did NOT think of it this morning, when on my very first jogging step I immediately had pain in my left shin. Damn.

I have had shin pain (I diagnosed myself as having shin splints, but again…I diagnosed my self) before, but I resolved it. I have a few biomechanical issues. My left leg is 12 mm smaller than my right, which makes me gait all sorts of crazy, and my feet are pretty flat. I do wear a lift in my left shoe, which has alleviated this pain before. I’m wondering if this time around it has to do with flat feet. Maybe it’s time for orthotics?

So….I was running even slower than usual, trying to “go easy.” But I so wanted to run faster. I sort of felt like one of those cartoons with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, giving conflicting advice. Finally the angel won out and I walked. I was supposed to run 2.6 miles, but instead only did 1.87. I ran most of it.

Here are the stats:
Time: 27’58”
Pace: 14.58 min/mil
Distance 1.87miles
Temp outside: 38 Degrees.

I am trying not to be frustrated. It’s hard though, I really don’t want to quit my running regime, as I’m convinced that I’ll “fall off the wagon” again, and I don’t don’t don’t want to. But I know that it’s important to rest it. Take it easy. Stretch. Even more than I don’t want to fall off the running wagon, I REALLY don’t want a stress fracture!
Here are the pictures from my run Sunday that I wasn’t able to turn into a race recap. (Maybe my shin pain is from having only 1 day of rest after my long run?)

pre run fuel: half luna bar

my running partner

Me: Ready to Run! Like my outfit?

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6 Responses to No Pain, No Gain?

  1. scalewarfare says:

    I’m so excited to have found your blog! I’m way bigger than you are (closer to 300 than 200 for sure) but have started C25K this year, a modified version. I look forward to keeping up with you while you train for your 1/2 marathon!

  2. Kelly says:

    My reccomendation for shin splints: two things.
    1. Walk pigeon toed! I know it sounds crazy but when are in places where you can dramatically make yourself walk pigeon toed. It strecthes out those muslces and loosens them up!
    2. Have you every tried taping your arches? I know you have flat feet but a lot of tension can be relieved from the shins when you tape your arches. If you are unsure how there are actually some good demonstration vidoes on You Tube. Here is one that is pretty good:

    I hope this helps! Don’t give up!!! 🙂

    • slowmiles says:

      I like it! It actually works out well that my cubicle at work is away from everyone elses, I have a straight shot to the bathroom where I can walk pigeon toed.
      Thanks for the link to taping my arches. I never thought of that! I’ll try it!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Love love love the outfit! 🙂

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