the SlowMiles 5k

So….I skipped my run on Saturday morning. I had a really bad nights sleep the night before, and somewhere to be at 10am, so I skipped it, with plan on running today (sunday).

Well I ran this morning. My schedule called for a 5k. I was all set to do this cute blog post about my 5k race recap, but I left the cord for my camera at work! So, I guess instead of a “race” recap…I’ll just do a regular post.
But…here is a picture from my “5k” last year. I think the race was actually 2.4 or 2.6 miles since it had been mismarked.

So I set my Nike+ iPod to 5k, and set off. I looked down at my pace, and saw 6.00. My first thought was that my Nike+ was all out of wack, because I was CERTAINLY NOT running sub 7 minute miles. And then it dawned on me that it was tracking my minutes per kilometer. haha. Apparently my brain was a little slow on the uptake.

here are my stats:
Pace: 8.01Km/mi or aprox 12.9 min/mil
Distance: 5k
Temp outside: 36 degrees.

I’ll be honest…this run got a little tough for me around mile 2.3. I had a terrible sideache, so I walked for about a minute trying to stretch it out. It felt a little better, and by the time that I only had half of a mile to go the pain was gone.

What do you do when you get a sideache or a stitch in your side? Is there something to do that prevents them?

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2 Responses to the SlowMiles 5k

  1. Kelly says:

    Yay for you! So a side stich is pretty common in runners when you let your breathing get out of control. (think panting) The best way to control it is to take slow DEEP breaths. Breathe deep in (for like 5 seconds) and then blow it out for 5 seconds. Slow your pace and continue to breathe this way until the cramp goes away. Once it does resume your orginal pace but keep your breathing slow, steady and even. This isn’t easy and breathing like that will hurt worse, AT FIRST, but keep with it and the cramp will go away! Hope this helps…

    • slowmiles says:

      Thanks Kelly! I did sort of let me breathing get out of control. I was thinking about my pace…I normally do try to practice even breathing but I sort of let it get away from me today!

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