domestic goddess

So, I know this is a blog about running.

BUT, I want to add a new feature, a once week recipe/cooking post. Again, this is NOT a food blog. I tried that and it caused me to have major anxiety.

It came to my attention recently, that I have about 52 cookbooks. 40 actual books and about 12 miscellaneous magazines (like Cooking for 2 and Cooking Light). This is slightly ridiculous. Especially as I have a tendency to find recipes online, and only crack open the cookbooks as reference. But… I LOVE cookbooks. I love receiving them (I never buy them myself) as gifts, and looking through them and picking out things I want to make. And then….I never do it.

So, I’m adding a new years resolution to my list. Make one new recipe each week, from a different cookbook. Convenient that I have 52 cookbooks isn’t it?

So, I’m adding a “recipe of the week” section for this blog. I’ll keep it separate from the running, but I’ll probably link to it in my regular posting.

First cookbook? A little magazine type thing called “Cooks Country.” I don’t even remember how this came into my possession…….

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2 Responses to domestic goddess

  1. Kelly says:

    How fun!! I like that and definitely look forward to reading about your cooking adventures!!

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