Something strange has happened to me. I hate my walking days.

I used to love my walking days, and dread my running days. Sometime in the last three weeks, that has flip flopped! I now look forward to my run days. I look forward to figuring out what route to take to meet my mileage plan, I like putting on my running gear and using my nike+ iPod. I like writing my stats in my blog and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

But….I don’t want to skip my walking days! Walking in the morning is so beneficial for so many reasons.
a)the dog gets exercise, and an tired dog is a happy dog.

b)I can tell the difference in my muscles if I “move” on the days between my runs. My legs and lower back feel less stif.

c)Morning exercise helps me wake up. If I don’t workout before work, I am seriously a zombie at my desk for like an hour.

But, as this is ironic coming from the girl who runs really slow, walking feels soooooooo SLLOOOOOOW! When I walked on Friday I really wanted to bust into a run, because the 1.36 mile course I was doing was taking so long.

I don’t want to overtrain though. As someone with chronic shin splints and back issues, I know it’s important to take my days off.

To prevent myself from running on my walking days, I make impossible for myself to run. Or at least…undesirable.
a)I wear my least supportive sports bra that I can’t run in.

b)I wear way too many clothes. Like my big winter parka (which I need on a walk, but it’s WAY too hot on a run).

c)I wear my headlamp. I hate running in my headlamp.

But…even with all of that…I still want to run. I guess that is a step in the right direction?

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6 Responses to abducted?

  1. Amy says:

    ooohhh… I am the same! I felt like walking days were a waste of a workout! Probably the reason I accidently overtrained and hurt myself…

    But it’s still a good feeling to have! 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    It is official my dear…YOU ARE A RUNNER!! 🙂

  3. questionsfordessert says:

    I love the idea of wearing um…less support to keep myself from running when I’m out for a walk. Brilliant! I’ve gotten to the same place. I want to run. Farther. Faster. Daily.

    That’s why the Wii is so good for me right now. I wear myself out (rhythm boxing? yes please!) and don’t feel like running when I’m done.

    girl, you are kicking it! you are a runner!

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