weighting game

So, I’ve never really been a cardio person. You know how some people love cardio, but don’t really dig strength training? I’m not that person. I’ve always loved strength training. I’m good at it, and I build muscles quickly and easily.

But, I’ve found that since I’ve started running, my desire to strength train has waned a bit. I’ve been so excited and into my running, that my zeal for strength training has waned. I’ve done a few half-hearted bicep curls here and there, but nothing that counts as a “real workout.” I know that I need to keep up my ab strength, it will help with the running!

So, in concert with my Husband’s renewed fervor for getting in shape I went to the gym on Monday for a strength training session. WOW. my arms are sore!
But my legs are not. why? because I’m afraid that they will be sore for a run the next day. Apparently I’m deathly afraid of anything that might give me an excuse NOT to run.

So, anyone have any good advice on this? Do you do strength exercises for your leg muscles while you are running for cardio? Weighted? Non Weighted?

I’m going back to the gym tonight!

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