hello slow pace…

I didn’t miss you.

Sigh. I ran this morning. Here are the stats:
Distance: 2 miles
Time: 30’53”
Pace: 15:20 min/mil
Temp: 24 degrees

So..my slow average pace is back. I have to admit, I REALLY liked that 11+ min/mil that I had in Reno. I know that it’s an average, but I was running faster on my run on Saturday. I’m not going to lie, I’m sort of surprised to see this pace. I felt like I was running faster. I realized that I am never going to get a completely accurate pace or distance using my current technology (mapmyrun, my cell phone and now my Nike+).

People who have and use the Nike+ ipod, did you calibrate yours? I haven’t, as I found it to be pretty accurate to a course that I “knew” the length of. I think I’m just looking for reasons that I was So.Much.Slower today. Did running with my Dad really make that much of a difference? It must have. Running is so mental for me, and I think this really proves it.

Ugh. I am trying not to be frustrated and annoyed.

On a positive note, this was my first run in my new shoes, and they are phenomenal. One of my New Years Resolutions need to be, Replace Shoes On Time, EVERY TIME.

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6 Responses to hello slow pace…

  1. Amy says:

    I adore that tshirt! I think that’s what I’m going to look like after I get off the DL! he he he

  2. Chin up! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with slow running, in my opinion. After all, compared to those who are able to run 5 min/mile paces, we’re all slow. 😉

    Really, it’s all a journey of getting better and stronger, and it looks as if you are!! Keep it up! 😀 Some days are just slower then others, and that’s totally a-ok! 😀

  3. Kelly says:

    Don’t worry!! I always find that when I get off my normal routine (with food or travel, THE HOLIDAYS, etc.) it always takes a few days for my body to get back into the swing of things! I would bet by next week you are back to your old self…no worries!! 🙂 The best part is that you are doing it! Kudos to you!

    And I loved that t-shirt…very cute! My favorite running shirt I ever saw was at a running expo before a race and it said, “In my mind I am a Kenyan!” I thought that was hilarious!

  4. Ameena says:

    A slow run is better than no run! I think it is great you can even run in such crazy weather!

    Cute shirt!

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