And to All A Good Night…..

my parents tree

Well, my Christmas was fantastic. How was yours?
We traveled to Reno to have Christmas with my family, which was wonderful. As you know Saturday is my typical run day, and I didn’t want to skip it, as skipping usually results in a quick slide into not running anymore. I made sure to pack all of my cold running gear.

I roped my Dad into running with me at 7:30 am on Saturday. I was a little nervous to run with my Dad, he is FAST! Well….faster than me, and, as he likes to point out, much slower than he was in his late 20’s and early 30’s when he was a “runner.” He has run several marathons, a dozen half marathons and all sorts of races including Bay to Breakers, back when it was a much smaller event. My dad is 64 and on Saturday morning he ran 2.75 miles with me, after having not run in about 2 months, since his yearly 8k. Ugh. He can just run 2.75 miles and it takes me months and lots of mental acumen to get there.

Did you notice I said 2.75 miles? That was half a mile longer than I needed to run! My scheduled run was going to be 2.2 miles, but my dad pushed me to go longer.
Here are the stats:

Distance: 2.75 miles
Time:32 minutes
Pace: 11.30 MPM *
Temperature-11 degrees

Yep, I was FAST! Running with my dad helped, but that was an average pace. I know that I was faster at sometimes and slower at times, as my parents neighborhood has HILLS! Serious Hills. They live at the base of the Sierra’s. I’ve never run hills before, and MAN OH MAN it was tough. Seriously. I’m also going to blame the altitude, but I don’t really think that played into it.

So speaking of pace….check out all of the running loot I got for Christmas!

New Shoes (more below on that)
An armband for my iPod
Nike+ for my ipod!!!! (This is seriously so awesome)
And a Road ID (Hooray for Safety)

So, I did ask for all of those things, save the new shoes. I’ve known for a while that I needed new shoes, but just last week my ankles and knees and shins started hurting. I looked at my budget and decided that I would buy some new shoes with Christmas money from my inlaws. After my Dad got a look at the soles of my old shoes, he offered to buy me a new pair as a late Christmas present. Thanks Dad!

Check out the soles on my old shoes….

8 months old

Oops probably ran a little long on those.

Check out the soles on my new shoes….

2 days old

Much better. These are the new Asics Gel Nimbus 11. I’ve been running in Asics Gel Nimbuses for about 3 years and I love them. They offer great support, and best of all they are wide enough. I’m not crazy about the purple/gray combo (I LOVED my red and white ones) but I’ve come to realize that it’s about fit, comfort and the run…not the color.
But I still love the reds ones.

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