fake it till ya make it

Merry Christmas Eve!
I took today off of work, so I my scheduled run was able to take place in the daylight, which is always nice. But…I really couldn’t get excited about my run. That picture above? That is my convincing myself that I am STOKED to go run in the 16 degree weather. There was no snow, so the road was clear and dry, but man was it cold. I wore my new pants, but skipped the tights undernearth. Poor choice. I think I need them, even on run days when it’s under 20 degrees.

The run went pretty well. Here are the stats:
Distance: 1.88 miles
Durating: 27 minutes
Pace: 14.35 MPM
Outside Temp: 16 degrees

It was not the easiest run. My ankles and feet were hurting, unfortunately I think it’s time for new shoes. My current pair have about 8 months and 300 miles on them. In combination of being a heavier woman…it’s time. I love my Gel Nimbus 10’s….so I’ll probably get another pair. Guess I know what I’ll be using my Christmas money for!

My next scheduled run is going to take place in Reno, at my parents house. The scheduled distance is 2.29 miles. My parents live in a super hilly neighborhood. I’ve never run hills before…so I’m interested to see what happens to my pace!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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4 Responses to fake it till ya make it

  1. Kelly says:

    Okay seriously….16 degrees?!? You are a ROCKSTAR!

  2. Stephanie says:

    You inspire me!!

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