Is it really about balance?

My office Holiday party is this afternoon. Traditionally we’ve always done a potluck lunch for our Holiday Party, but lately our parties have regressed into 3 or 4 people bringing “food” and everyone else bringing a bag of chips they picked up on their way to the party. I work for a parks and rec department, so the office staff makes things and the field staff buys chips. While office lunch potlucks don’t always result in the healthiest of meals, I’ve always been able to put together something modestly healthy, and I always bring extra veggies to have as part of my afternoon snack. Well…this year our director wanted to do something different.
We are having a 2pm “dessert and snack” potluck. Ugh. I love dessert, obviously. But 2pm? really? I am the type of person who needs to eat on the same schedule every day, or I get completely derailed and over eat. While i don’t intend for this to be a weight loss blog, I think healthy eating is a major component of sucessful running. To compound matters I also suffer from hypoglycemia, so waiting to eat until 2pm was not an option for me. I also am on overeater. Geeze it’s like, complain about all of your issues hour around here, sorry everyone!
But, it’s all relevant. See if I wait until 2pm to eat I’ll be so hungry and my blood sugar will be so low that I’ll eat everything in sight with no thought to nutrition or healthy eating.
If I eat a little something for lunch, my normal MO would be to still eat PLENTY at the office party.

So, I ate a smaller lunch than usual, just a turkey sammie on whole wheat bread, 2 carrots and a red bell pepper. I am also hoping to taste each of the treats at the party, but not go overboard.
The only two “guidelines” I’m going to try to honor are:
A) eat only treats that are homemade. No wasting tastes on store bought sugar cookies that taste like lard and flour.
B) Only load up my plate once.

I’m hoping that this causes me to be mindful and enjoy the food I am eating. Notice I said “guidelines” and “try to honor.” The overeater/binge eater in me, needs there to be no “rules” I “have to follow” restriction is no one’s friend!

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One Response to Is it really about balance?

  1. Kelly says:

    I love your honesty! I hope it all went well. I think your plan sounded great! I am a nutrition manager and I tell my people all the time that the way to get through the holidays is to really enjoy the things you want and can’t get at other times during the year (i.e. the store bought sugar cookie!) For me, that is pecan pie…I mean I am probably not going to be able to get pecan pie on a Tuesday in August so I will eat that and bypass the sugar cookie that I can make anytime I want.

    Keep us posted on how you did! I am sure you did GREAT! 🙂

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