The Big 2………

Hilton Head

No, I did not go to the beach this weekend. I used this picture, because that is what I would have LIKED to do this weekend, instead on Saturday morning, I got up and went for my long (and i use that term VERY loosely, at this point) run. We had gone out with some friends the night before, and didn’t get home until Midnight. When we got home, I started thinking about why skipping my run would be ok:
A) it’s midnight.
B) we are meeting my in-laws for breakfast at 8:30am
C) this means i need to be ready to leave at 8:15am

I had pretty much talked myself out of it. But then I woke up at 5:45 (damn you body clock) and when I realized I still had some time to sleep before I would have to leave for my run, I decided to go. I also thought about what would happen if I didn’t go first thing in the a.m:
A) I would tell myself that I would go after breakfast and grocery shopping-yeah right
B)I would have to go on Sunday-the day I had planned on going to the gym for a strength training session
C) my running schedule would then be jacked.

I also thought about the fact that I have NEVER regretted getting up and going, once I’m out there and once I get home. EVERY time I skip a run, for reasons like this, I feel some sort of regret.

So I went.

I was scheduled to run 2 miles, and I did. But my pace was even slower than usual! Granted, my previous three runs have been in the snow/ice/black ice, and those were REALLY SLOW. I’m pretty sure I ran like 15 minute miles to ensure not killing myself.
Yesterday my Stats were this:
Duration-28 minutes
Pace-14 mpm (minutes per mile)

Usually I run 12.5 mpm. I’m not sure if my body just got used to the slower pace, but I’m going to try to get back up there. This was the first time that I have run a full two miles since June, during my botched 5k. It was sort of mentally momentous to me. Prior to my go at running this year, 2 miles was the most I had run since I was a kid in elementary school, and that was in high school.
And it wasn’t bad. I dont know if I will be able to run a whole half marathon in six months, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try my hardest to get there.

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2 Responses to The Big 2………

  1. Mama Pea says:

    You have to start somewhere! I trained for my first half in about three months (and I was also starting with about three miles being my average run). You can do this!

  2. slowmiles says:

    Mama Pea-
    Thanks for the encouragement!

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